Architectural Narrative

The Temple of Tranquility is designed by Laurence Renzo Verbeck, Architect of the Empyrean Temple in Black Rock City

As the visitor approaches the Temple of Tranquility from a distance, the structure’s roof appears as those found on so many homes. A slender enveloping arc in the roof opens to the sky to represent the Vault of Heaven and reveal delicate, illuminated colorful gems suspended from its peak.

These artistic elements — the home, enveloping arc and suspended gems — illustrate familiarity, security and future.

Drawing closer on the path to the temple, a pair of curving walls greet visitors and invite their entrance. Clusters of wooden pillars guard the entry between these curved walls, slowing the cadence, allowing the visitor to be enveloped in an immediate and contemplative environment. 

The pillars, metaphorically, represent community… those we know and those we don’t. The question is asked as we journey through these pillars before the temple space: Who are we moving past …or pushing past, in our rushed lives? Who is forgotten? Who is left behind? Who do we carry?

Passing the pillars and moving further within the structure the center, the visitor is warmly held by enveloping curving walls. From this interior sanctuary the vantage point is up, where a broad aperture in the roof above reveals the Arc of Heaven and its suspended ten heavenly bodies. 

All along the way, the visitor is invited to inscribe messages or perhaps leave a memento. 

The Temple of Tranquility celebrates life and remembrance. It serves as place to gather and a place to heal.