Wisdom and Love from

the Temple of Tranquility

Boulder, Colorado, October 14 – November 4, 2023

The Temple of Tranquility was built in Harlow Platts Community Park in Boulder, Colorado. This art project was a community driven response to the collective traumas and grief experienced throughout our community following the tragic events and aftermath of March, 22 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic, the Marshall Fire, and associated challenges of the last several years.

Drone footage courtesy of Andrew Brislin.

In compliance with our permit from the City of Boulder, the Temple was removed on November 5, 2023. As part of our mission to the Boulder community, we also held a series of participatory events to help foster community healing, personal expression, and new beginnings. The Temple was a non-denominational space for contemplation and reverence.

How to Build

a Temple of Tranquility

The Temple of Tranquility is designed by Laurence Renzo Verbeck, Architect of the Empyrean Temple in Black Rock City

We held our closing ceremony at the Temple of Tranquility in Harlow Platts Community Park on November 4th and removed the structure.

Our article in the Daily Camera can be found here: Boulder Temple of Tranquility Creates a Sense of Coming Together

Made Possible by Individual

Donations and Community Sponsors.

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